Emily Badger is a writer in the Washington, D.C., area, where she covers urban planning and affairs for The Atlantic Cities. She has written on many topics that have little to do with each other: cul-de-sacs, roadside rest area culture, soft-spoken senators and flying drones. She loves stories that get her behind the scenes at museums, and she particularly appreciates that when really bad things happen to her, it gives her something to write about. Primarily, though, she's interested in cities, public policy and strange ideas, and she's written about them for a wide variety of print and web outlets.

Emily grew up in and loves Chicago, which is why she has plastered her website with an image of that city, even though she no longer lives there. She has also lived for various stretches in Portland, Cleveland, Orlando, Tallahassee, Paris, Norfolk and Atlanta. So far, she has been sitting still in the D.C. area for three full years – a personal adult record – mostly because that is how long it takes to work very slowly on a Master's degree.

For someone who spends a lot of time writing about cities, Emily tries to get as far away from them as possible when she’s not working. She loves to camp and hike and has, on the rare occasion, found an excuse to write about that, too.